I have been thinking about joining a Triathlon Club for a while . There isn’t one in the town I live, there are some clubs in the neighbouring towns but the one that seemed to stick out is in the South side of Peterborough. The club is called PACTRAC.

I’ll be honest, I work in IT and for me having good concise and clean website matters. Having a website that looks like it’s been created by a kid is a no-no. Websites are adverts these days, they should display their wares in the best possible way.

In any case, the website of PACTRAC seems to be ticking the right boxes. The club claims to have over 200 members, the problem is most of the sessions are in Oundle, which is the wrong side of Peterborough to me, which would impact my ability to attend weekly sessions.

Swimming is the area that I struggle with the most, and they have offered to let me attend a few sessions for me to see how it before signing up. First one a week on Wednesday!