Following on from the last time I tried to teach myself Front Crawl (Part 1 Here)
I tried a few more drills.


The first drill was Single Arm Stepping which is shown below:


The aim being to do the 5 stages of the stroke:

  1. extend the arm
  2. catch (switch hand and release)
  3. rotate
  4. salute
  5. reach forward to handshake

I found that it was easier when my left arm was extended rather than the right. This might be years of bad form and breathing coming into play.


The second drill was Two arms swimming:


This builds on the first by using both arms, and rotating between left and right arm lead. Effectively a full stroke bar the breathing.

It seemed to be going well, when my left calf tightened slightly, this has been giving me some trouble recently and the fast kicking wasn’t helping. So I thought to end the drills and do some breaststroke.

There was this woman that was doing “proper” breaststroke (head underwater) and keeping a constant pace, I stupidly thought I could keep up and tried. For the first 200m things were great, I was on for a PB. I was putting into practice the YouTube video about stretching and rotating hands to 45 degrees outward before pulling back – but she was closing. Every length she would get a few metres closer. In my haste I kicked off too soon, swallowed a gallon of water and started a spluttering fit that lasted a good minute and a half.

The lifeguards didn’t even glance at me, or maybe they did and put it on twitter under #mandrowning – I finished off my 400m set, but struggled a little, was a little panicky and forgetting to breath.

If I took out the drowning fit, I would have PB’d at 12:32. however it doesn’t count due to the 90 seconds I was stationary.

Boo hoo. Next time …