There was a time, as a child, where swimming without goggles was cool. Swimming underwater until your eyes went red was a rite of passage. It’s not the case anymore.

Like most Tuesday lunchtimes, I went to the swimming pool, paid to enter and then realised I did not have any swimming goggles. If I realised this before I paid I probably would have gone back and came back tomorrow, but as I had paid I thought I would give it a go.

I should not have bothered, swimming a length was uncomfortable. Without being able to see where I was going meant I was holding my breath. Don’t ask me why as I don’t know. So I spent 20 minutes in the pool practicing kick offs and glides instead.

My kick offs are improving. I am now able to comfortably get 6-7 metres by using a simple technique, rather than trying to one-hand hold the wall and kick off at the same time I drop into the water into a ball/tuck position and then kick off from the wall. No effort and 5-6 metres. And I feel like Neo (from Matrix) preparing to fly.

I did try practicing some basic turns, eventually I want to be able to do an Open Turn similar to this YouTube video but that’s some way off.

This eventually meant my eyes started hurting so I spent a new minutes practicing swimming on my side in the breathing position.