I had a niggle in my left knee before the run, but felt good enough to continue with the training run. But I was nervous, my route would be:

2.5 Miles to a Lake
3 Miles around the lake x2
2.5 Miles back

~ Approx 10.5 miles.

The problem with the above is that at the furthest point I would be 4 miles away from my starting position. If I was get an injury there, it would be a long hobble back. The smart thing to do would be to take either some money, or your phone. I don’t normally carry either and I didn’t want to start “thinking negatively”. So I went out anyway.

So I took it easy, kept heart rate around 165 beats per minute, took a walk every 2-3 miles. The first 2 miles or so I was worried as I could feel my legs feeling heavy and tired, at point it felt as though I was thinking so much about breaking down that it might cause it to happen. So I pushed the thoughts out of my head and just ran.

The next few miles almost floated by, I was passed by lots of runners. I said hello to everyone, and about 75% said hello back. Willen Lake is lovely, and it was a nice clean, crisp, dry day. I did note that most of the lake was frozen. It’s a shame I didn’t have my phone to take some pictures.

The last couple of miles were a bit tougher, the last mile especially is all up hill – and the remainder is using Milton Keynes redways which have lots of ups and downs.

I stopped the Garmin at 10.5 miles, I could have done another 0.25 miles but didn’t see the point. I had achieved what I wanted. Legs were sore for the remainder of the day, and a little sore today but not terribly so. Also for the first time I didn’t get a headache after a long run.

So this morning this got me thinking, I have a Half in 6 weeks, but where would I be in comparison to those taking on the London Marathon? Well that is 12 weeks away, and at this rate I am ahead of the training i.e. if I keep pushing on I could do a marathon in May. Obviously this is a simplistic way of looking at it, but it did get me thinking.

I have a single blot on the copybook, I took part in the 2015 Virgin London Marathon, it starts 1 mile away from my mothers house and it was the reason I started running, but it wasn’t a good experience. Long story short, I survived the marathon, I did not run it. My time of over 6 hours upsets me as I did not do myself justice. I want to correct that. Maybe a Marathon this year?