This is a problem that every runner will have at some point. You have a niggle and you have runs/races planned. What do you do?

Firstly the difference between the two.  In my mind (read “not scientific or a running coach”):

Lé Niggle:

  1. An awkward feeling, or discomfort which isn’t really a pain
  2. It does not affect your running style
  3. You know something is not right
  4. Can lead to an Injury


Lé Injury:

  1. A pain, or discomfort which hurts
  2. It either prevents running OR it affects running (gait etc)
  3. Takes a while to clear up
  4. Made worse by running


So given the above, how do you know when you have a niggle or an injury? I am asking I don’t really know. Right now I have a slight tightness/uncomfortable feeling above my right knee. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t make me walk any different. I skipped my run on Saturday (3-4 miles) and it has improved but not disappeared.

I have a 10 miler planned today, to be honest here lies the problem. I am due to run the Cambridge Half Marathon at the start of March. If I am to stick to plan I need to plough on but if I do I risk the niggle turning into an Injury.

I think ultimately it’s down to feeling. Do you feel that running will make it worse? in this case, no I don’t. I have had lots of problems with my calves, and if it was in that area I would treat this differently and be more cautious.

I guess within 24 hours we will know!