I have only ever done one brick session where I cycled 3 miles to a lake, run 3 miles around the lake and then cycle back. I found that run element difficult despite the time being reasonable i.e. it felt a lot harder than a 33 minute 5k should.

Today was due to be my 2nd session, I got dressed, warmed up with all my kit when disaster struck. My rear derailleur snapped off, the metal part that attaches it to my bike had snapped off. I was told later than it is a broken hanger. I though hangers were for clothes.

So there I am, broken bike, in my running gear so what do I do? well I came back inside and scrubbed the whole session. I *could* have ran, I have run club tomorrow so it was always going to be an easy session but I really wanted to cycle so instead I will go home, and Zwift on my road bike.

The damage is very similar to the feature photo but that is not actually my bike.

It’s surprising how the thought of missing one session makes you start doubting yourself, will I lose my fitness, how will this affect my races. A complete overreaction …. breathe.