when you think of a male long distance runner, you could be forgiven if the image is of a fairly lean chap not carrying a lot of weight. Unfortunately I, like many, do not fall into this category. I am a 30-something year old male – not particularly body confident due to things wobbling and bouncing where they were not designed to. (BMI in the overweight category)

The result of the above is that I have experienced chafing. This mainly affects between the legs, and the nipples. I find sore nipples a taboo subject with males, but let me tell you, it hurts. First time (in band camp) I was running, and when I came back and had my shower my nipples were burning, closer inspection showed that they were actually bleeding. This was not an attractive look.

It was made worse by having to go clothes shopping, where I spent the afternoon holding my moobs like a virgin covering her modesty. I was determined to beat this.

So looking online led to lots of different suggestions, vaseline, nipple guards (that’s a thing? really?), and bodyglide. All essentially do the same thing, they provide a layer between the area that chafes (nipple) and clothing, and normally all is good.

I prefer bodyglide as it’s like using a deoderant body stick (despite it ruining running tops). But it has a problem, it is not 100% effective, if I am running in the rain OR sweat too much (euugghh) it is too much for it and back to sore nipples.

My last run:

Very sweaty + Wet Weather = Sore Nipples
I am not sure if slimmer runners chafe, in my mind they don’t.