I find it difficult to motivate myself for a Long Run. I know that I need to do it to stick to training plans to do the races I want but sometimes, like today it’s really tough.

Today was due to be a 9 mile Long Slow Run. I have an above average heart rate, so for me, anything under 165 bpm average would be good. I had planned to run between 11:15 and 12:00 minute miles. This would be firmly in the comfortable range. The problem is that while it’s not cold, its dark and drizzly and all round miserable. I would much rather have a cup of tea in the warm than get soaked in rain.

I also struggle with the energy drain, 9 miles is typically around 1000 calories – and I get headaches. But, and here is the but … when you are out and actually running, it doesn’t feel too bad and once you finish, it feels like a real sense of achievement. So I went out and did the following:



I ran in Milton Keynes, I like the lakes in Milton Keynes – on a day like this, you pretty much have the entire route to yourself. I think I saw 10 people max, and while I am a people person generally, I am not when I am running.

So my following Long Slow Runs are mapped out as:

23/01 10 Miles
30/01 8 Miles
06/02 12 Miles
13/02 13 Miles
20/02 12 Miles


and then breathe … 2 week taper!