I am due to do my first Sprint Triathlon at the end of April. I say first, because I am hoping to eventually get up to Olympic Distance. I wanted to set some expectations/goals as to what I want to achieve from it.

So I think I should point out, that Objective #1 is to finish, ultimately if I blow these times and yet finish and enjoy myself I will think that a success regardless of the time taken. This is merely writing down my expectations so I can compare and contrast experience vs expectation and see which area’s were better/worse than expected.

So firstly, the distances. This is a pool based beginner friendly version with a 400m swim, a 12(ish) mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. My current PB’s for each discipline are:

Swim 13:02 2:59 min/100 yd
Cycle 50:26 14.4 mph
Run 28:48 9:14 min/mile

The above assumes that I am maxing out (especially on the run) so I have put in some fudge factor and came up with the below:

400m Swim 12 mins-ish
17.6k Bike 50-55 mins-ish
5k Run 33 mins-ish
5 mins transition

So this is based on the following:

1. I am still learning the swim but I have been improving the times, 13 mins last week, 14 mins the week before. Based on how I felt when doing the swim I think there is about 30-45 seconds I could chop off fairly easily – and we are talking Breaststroke, if I am able to learn front crawl by then I am expecting a quicker time

2. I can consistantly cycle at 14mph, and most of my training rides are 14 miles – so I think I am fairly comfortable with doing it in 50-55 mins.

3. Right now, I can get a sub-30 minute 5k if I REALLY push, my only run after a bike was 33 mins and I think I can repeat that feat.

4. Without any experience of transitions, I have pulled a figure out of the air. I will be practising as much as I can
So if my Math is correct gives me 104 mins (14+53+32+5) – lets round that up to 1 hour 45 minutes.