My first 5K took 40 minutes and 48 seconds. Far from being disappointed I was absolutely chuffed with the achievement. It had taken me 3 months of training and only the night before I was ready to quit running.

Those first 3 months were some of the toughest, I was injured a lot, I tried to stay positive by setting targets. One of those I still consider the yardstick by which I judge running today. The 30 Minute 5k.

Now 30 minute 5k to some is slow, most fast club runners are under 20 minutes. But for me, it was the stretch target I had set myself when the though of a sub-40 5k was unrealistic.

It took 2 years to get there, 2 years! When I finally broke the sub-30 minute 5k I was over the moon. I repeated the feat the following week and a few times since, but it has never been a regular occurance.

I often target Half Marathons which means I am frequently flipping between short distance and long distance running. Once I am in Long-Distance mode I don’t risk trying to go sub-30 in case of injury.

Last year I managed my first and only sub 60 minute 10k. That was in May. I have not got anywhere close since. A couple of 31-32 minute 5k’s.

Today was the first time in nearly 8 months that I managed a sub 30 minute 5k. My heart rate was high, averaging 178 and topping out at 199 beats per minute. But I managed it.



Now firmly over the moon 🙂

Obviously I decided to plaster the achievement on Facebook.


9 mile run on Monday.