Front Crawl has been a real struggle for me, I have had about 20 lessons and read numerous youtube videos and it just has not clicked. I was directed to another video where someone breaks it down step by step.



To be honest it looks more like Karate Kid than it does swimming, but I tried a few of the basic drills in the pool today and it seems better. So I will continue and keep practising. It must eventually stick right?

The lessons did do something … I am reasonable at Breaststroke. I find it quite relaxing and the sound of the bubbles is soothing.

After a few front-crawl drills I decided to try my first breaststroke of the day and glad I did. I achieved my 400m Breaststroke PB of 12:48. Really pleased with this, and feel I have about 20-30 of time I can chop off that in a less crowded pool and better kick offs.

When I entered the Sprint Triathlon, I entered 12:00 as my estimated finish time and I feel I am still on for that, hopefully by then I will be quicker still.