I have a Cycling route I do at work, it’s a nice (fairly) traffic free 14 mile route that I try and do once a week. It is also my only regular cycle ride, and it’s always the same. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get any faster. Yesterday one of the more experienced cyclists came with me and suggested that I am constantly in “2-3 gears too high” (i.e. too easy) and consequently always spinning and wasting effort. He suggested a few things:

1. Changing down a couple of gears
2. Sticking to a middle front cog (I have a triple)
3. “Man Up”

I typically manage the route at about 13-14 mph and yesterday was no different (14 mph exactly). The problem is that it’s easy for a seasoned cyclist to say just “do something” – but unless you have the experience (and muscle power) it’s just not going to happen.

If someone was to ask about not getting faster while running, I would suggest they slow down in their long runs, and mix it up with some shorter and faster runs – and yet here I am not listening to my own advice. I am expecting to suddently get faster without changing anything.

For interest my Garmin Stats are below:



My heart rate shows that I am certainly working hard enough, just not getting the results I would like from it.